Monday, June 13, 2005

Santa Monica "Green"? A Pipe Dream.

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks: "Where should the city start [working toward becoming a "greener" community]? What environmental issues in Santa Monica should be given priority?

"Green" is an issue simply because, one, there is too much brown -- that is, too much human waste of all kinds. And, two, too much energy and resource use. And the cause of those problems is simply out-of-control population growth almost everywhere.

Until the issue of out-of-control population growth is addressed by stopping population growth -- you want "green"? -- Fuggedaboudit.

Everyone's brown has to go somewhere. Everyone has to use energy and resources. Even if you reduce the amounts per person, the inexorable population growth means more brown to deal with and dwindling energy and resources per person.

"Greening" attempts without population REDUCTION are like tilting at windmills. To get "green" will require changing religious attitudes towards birth control, abortion, and infanticide. To get "green" will require changing business and government attitudes about "growth is good boosterism". To get "green" will require immediate ceasing of subsidizing litters of human spawn, which means ceasing funding for public schools, aid for dependent children, tax breaks for children, and other direct and indirect subsidies. You get more of anything you support and subsidize, and that especially includes children.

The only way to make a city, state, or country "green" is to make it child UNFRIENDLY. Deal with it!

You don't want to do what is necessary? Fine. Then forget "green". You can't have it both ways. Boo hoo.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Preferential Parking -- Scam or Boondoggle?

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you think preferential parking permits, traditionally only granted to residents of a neighborhood, should be extended to employees who work nearby? Why or why not?"

No! No "preferential parking" whatsoever. It's time to get rid of all preferential parking. PERIOD.

Let me try to make this so clear that even a retard can understand.

Street parking is PUBLIC parking. No person owns a public parking space. If a person owns parking space, it is a PRIVATE parking space. Public and private are not the same.

Issuing preferential parking permits is essentially giving PRIVATE ownership rights to a person or class of persons to PUBLIC property.

A homeowner does NOT own the street parking spaces in front of his house.
An apartment dweller does NOT own the street parking spaces in front of his building.
A business owner does NOT own the street parking spaces in front of his business.
A school does NOT own the street parking spaces in front of or around its campus.
They are PUBLIC parking spaces. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Now, perhaps homeowners, apartment dwellers, business owners, school administrators, etc., might want to consider the availability of parking -- both public and private ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY -- before considering buying/leasing/renting/expanding.

Preferential Parking is not the solution:

The setup and administration of preferential parking just sets up another parasitic bureaucratic boondoggle providing sinecures to worthless weasels. And it does NOTHING to solve the problem. It just pushes the problem to another area, where people then lobby for the privilege in their area, which then pushes the problem to another area ... until eventually the whole city is all preferential/restricted parking. This just nicks everyone for permit fees just to support another bloated bureaucracy.

The solution:

There is one obvious solution. It is so obvious it will be immediately discounted. That is to SELL the parking spaces to individuals or companies -- privatizing them. (Privatizing -- horrors! -- what an un-PC word to use in the socialist fascist mini-state of Santa Monica.)

Privatizing all the parking spaces would then also eliminate the need for the street-sweeping bureaucracy and trucks. The owners of the now private parking spaces would be responsible for keeping their spaces swept and the debris placed into trash containers. NOT hosed or leaf-blown. There could be similar oversight as with weed abatement.

But, of course, this will never happen in the socialist fascist mini-state of Santa Monica.