Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Water Fluoridation? Follow the Money.

Anyone with any awareness greater than that of a slug knows that the fluoride compound added to public drinking water supplies is a toxic waste. They know that the fluoride added to toothpaste is more than sufficient to protect teeth.

But, the reason it should be added to public drinking water supplies, the proponents say, is "for the children (sob, sniffle, snuffle)". I have two things to say to that:

1) "F" the children.
2) They're already getting fluoride in their toothpaste. (In fact, there is a warning to parents on toothpaste packages NOT to let their spawn swallow the toothpaste because of the fluoride content.)

I, for one, nearly puke every time the old "for the children" bromide is trotted out for every "boo-hoo" cause and/or as justification for more government meddling.

No, THE REAL REASON for fluoridating the water supplies is MONEY.

The fluoride compound is a toxic waste compound resulting from various mining and manufacturing processes. To dispose of that waste properly -- safely -- to prevent even more environmental pollution -- COSTS the companies MONEY.

How sweet, for them, that they discovered (maybe financed??) some bogus medical reports touting the benefits of adding that toxic fluoride waste to the public drinking water supplies.

Their next step was to get various local officials onto their (secret) payrolls to get their "product" added to the water supplies. And to get the municipalities to actually PAY for it.

Voilá, a burdensome expense has now become a nice profit center.

Another source of income for the public officials green-lighting fluoridation of the public water supplies is that from the various companies manufacturing water treatment and adulteration equipment.

Assignment for some enterprising investigative reporters in MAJOR media:
FOLLOW THE MONEY. (Oh, I forgot, the major media are also on the take. Never mind.)

For more about the dangers of fluoridation, see the Fluoride Action Network.