Monday, June 22, 2009

Santa Monica Paparazzi -- Solution to Celebrity Children Stalking

Paparazzi are stalking the children of celebrities in Santa Monica. Jennifer Garner, for example, has a child who attends a Santa Monica school. (It's none of your business which school it is.)

At one particular school favored by celebrities -- maybe that one, maybe another -- there is bedlam when the celebrities drop off and pick up their children. Photographers and videographers block sidewalks and stand on cars to get good shots. At times, there have been up to thirty paparazzi swarming the entrance to the school, pushing and jostling each other, jockeying for position to take a shot. In their shark-feeding frenzy, they often jostle and hit the children with their cameras.

Personally, I don't think children (sob, sniffle, snuffle) are any more valuable than adults, but if it takes that kind of story to reign in the paparazzi scum, so be it.

Back in Arnold Schwarzenegger's pre-gubernatorial days, he and some paparazzi almost got into a multi-vehicle accident while he was driving on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

But nothing came of that incident, because was "just" an adult celebrity. Maybe some sob-stories about children being harassed and/or endangered will lead to getting the job done.

Now, one major reason that the paparazzi haven't been stomped on legally is their First Amendment rights, which is a valid reason.

Another major reason is that this country is now filled with millions of pussified wusses, backed by legislators and judges just as slimy as the paparrazi, and juries that are so stupid and ignorant that they have no idea on how to vote in any case, other than which attorney puts on the best show.

It's always a big payday for some slimeball paparazzi if a celebrity decks him and/or trashes his camera. Never mind the celebrity (and child) Second Amendment right to self-protection.

All it would take to end the paparazzi stalking problem is to allow self-protection by celebrities, protection of them and their children by their bodyguards against assault and battery by paparazzi. All it would take would be for judges to throw out suits by paparazzi when a celebrity or bodyguard stomps one of them. All it would take would be for juries to vote "not guilty" any celebrity or bodyguard brought to trial for trashing a paparazzi or his equipment.

But, of course, these things will never happen in this pussified and "Enquirer-People-Insider" addicted nation.

Someone in one article I read recounted that a neighbor to one of those schools knew which celebrity's child was in what class at what time. He said he asked that neighbor, "... how do you know that and why do you care?"

Maybe it's that the audience for the paparazzis' wares are just as vapid and slimy as the paparazzi themselves.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Santa Monica Idiots -- Ron Lowe

Lowe was sniveling about "Republican anti-tax ignorance ... winning out over common sense in California's ongoing budget crisis".

He wants to raise vehicle license fees. He wants to raise property taxes on commercial property. He wants to increase corporate income taxes. He wants an oil production tax. And, while we're at it, he wants increased "sin taxes" on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Lowe wants all that so there won't be a necessity for "spending cuts for the most vulnerable and essential services."
BTW, what Lowe is promoting are the current dem-lib talking points I have seen elsewhere. So he is not only an idiot, he is just a parrot.
Anyway, he takes several opportunities to bash Republicans for their anti-tax stance. I wish the Republicans REALLY had an anti-tax stance. Republicans, especially in California, are really just "Democrat Lite".

Lowe, like all whiny liberals, is obviously a tax-consumer, not a net tax-payer. He is so ignorant of fiscal reality, it is pathetic. (But understandable, as he is likely a product of public education.)

California is already one of the most highly taxed states in Amerika. Remember the fairy tale about the folly of killing the "golden goose"? Liberals, like Lowe, are killing the Golden State.

Welfare, pork projects, bureaucracy, illegal aliens ... are turning California into a third-world country.

So -- all you Ron Lowes out there -- take note that you don't get first-world amenities in a third-world country.