Monday, May 21, 2007

Santa Monica Rent Control

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you think rent control is in need of an overhaul?"

No, no overhaul. Any changes involving means testing for the percent of time a renter occupies an apartment, age testing, spawn (dependent children quantity) testing, whatever, all of which will just result in more Santa Monica bureaucracy. And, as you know, that will mean more fees tacked onto what the renters already pay. None of which will go to owners. All of which will go to support the additional bureaucratic parasites in their sinecures.

Now, as to rent control itself, there would never have been a demand for it except for the fact that people - both natives and especially illegal aliens - breed like rats with no thought of consequences. Too many people, too few good areas to live in. (Few REALLY want to live in San Bernardino or Palmdale, do they?)

The breeders have caused the problem. As a non-breeder, my attitude is why should I suffer high rent because of all the stupid breeders? Eff 'em all.

Now, as to the owners:

First, the corporate owners -- eff them. 'Nuff said.

Now, as to the mom and pops, there are two types:

First are the ones who ave owned a property "forever". There are many of these that could have their properties free and clear (except for land rent paid to government as property taxes, and maintenance costs). Their rent receipts would be gravy, providing a great ROI. But no, they have looked upon their properties as piggy banks and have drawn down equity several times (cash out refis), rather than treating them as ongoing business income generators. So now they are paying out most of their rent as interest to the mortgage companies. Eff them, too.

Then there are the ones that bought in later, at too high prices, with maybe even negative cash flow, and are now complaining. Stupid. Eff them, too.

And it seems that most of them are (or have been) breeders, too. So double eff them.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Santa Monica "Planning" Doomed to Failure

Housing and other developmental planning is doomed to failure. The simple reason is population increase. Not addressing that is like ignoring a fart in an elevator.

The latest proposed boondoggle is the proposed "revitalized Civic Center" area. This is just like tearing down the engines of the Titanic to make more deck chairs. But, "We want to bring life to this area", according to some doofus Santa Monica housing bureaurat.

"The Village" in the Civic Center area is proposed to have 325 units of "affordable" housing. That means accommodations for how many? 600, 1000 people? (Or 2000? if you cater to illegals and their litters of spawn?) That will take hundreds of millions of dollars. And how long will that relieve any housing pressure? Seems to me it won't take very long to pump out yet more litters of budding crack hos, car-jackers, and gang-bangers. Where are you going to stack them?