Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I am NOT Going to Conserve Water and Electricity.

I just got a notice, bulk mail, from the City of Santa Monica about their "Water Waste Ordinance".

I am NOT going to conserve water and electricity. At least not until the bureau-rats have their hired goons put a gun to my head.

Why? There is a shortage of water and electricity due to one thing, and one thing only. That is OVERPOPULATION.

In case you need it pointed out to you -- and it needs to be pointed out to most people, over and over again -- overpopulation overburdens resources.

Now, since I have not spawned (or caused to be spawned) litters of rug-rats in excess of replacement (that I know of), and I am not an illegal alien that has swarmed the border, I say screw it.

Let those who have caused the problems pay for them. That means illegal aliens. That means domestic Catholics, Mormons, born-again and other know-nothing Protestants, fundamentalist bible-thumping Christians, Muslim wogs, orthodox Jews, various Asian groups, black, brown, and white trash with or without denomination, 30-something bimbos feeling their ticking biological clocks, et al -- all those who have and continue to contribute to the problems.

Me, I'm not going to pay to clean up their crap or sacrifice because of their stupidity. All least as little as possible.

BTW, there is hardly anything better than driving around in the sun, just guzzling gas with an old non-emission controlled V-8, with the top down, and with the air-conditioner going full blast.

Overpopulation is the real inconvenient truth. "Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mexicans Here in the U.S. Objecting to 'English Only' Employer Rules.

Boo-hoo. Let me get this straight. Illegal alien Mexicans are swarming the borders like cucarachas into the U.S. because the Mexican economy sucks. Low paying or no jobs.

So, they come here to work, and for higher wages. Then, they complain about having to adjust to our culture, and refusing to speak English, among other things.

Seems to me that they want to turn the U.S. economy and culture into the same type of cesspool from which they are fleeing.

And, naturally, there is no shortage of opportunistic "la raza/reconquista" maggots seeking to make a career out of agitating for their so-called "rights" to remain here and to destroy the U.S. culture and economy.