Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I am NOT Going to Conserve Water and Electricity.

I just got a notice, bulk mail, from the City of Santa Monica about their "Water Waste Ordinance".

I am NOT going to conserve water and electricity. At least not until the bureau-rats have their hired goons put a gun to my head.

Why? There is a shortage of water and electricity due to one thing, and one thing only. That is OVERPOPULATION.

In case you need it pointed out to you -- and it needs to be pointed out to most people, over and over again -- overpopulation overburdens resources.

Now, since I have not spawned (or caused to be spawned) litters of rug-rats in excess of replacement (that I know of), and I am not an illegal alien that has swarmed the border, I say screw it.

Let those who have caused the problems pay for them. That means illegal aliens. That means domestic Catholics, Mormons, born-again and other know-nothing Protestants, fundamentalist bible-thumping Christians, Muslim wogs, orthodox Jews, various Asian groups, black, brown, and white trash with or without denomination, 30-something bimbos feeling their ticking biological clocks, et al -- all those who have and continue to contribute to the problems.

Me, I'm not going to pay to clean up their crap or sacrifice because of their stupidity. All least as little as possible.

BTW, there is hardly anything better than driving around in the sun, just guzzling gas with an old non-emission controlled V-8, with the top down, and with the air-conditioner going full blast.

Overpopulation is the real inconvenient truth. "Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mexicans Here in the U.S. Objecting to 'English Only' Employer Rules.

Boo-hoo. Let me get this straight. Illegal alien Mexicans are swarming the borders like cucarachas into the U.S. because the Mexican economy sucks. Low paying or no jobs.

So, they come here to work, and for higher wages. Then, they complain about having to adjust to our culture, and refusing to speak English, among other things.

Seems to me that they want to turn the U.S. economy and culture into the same type of cesspool from which they are fleeing.

And, naturally, there is no shortage of opportunistic "la raza/reconquista" maggots seeking to make a career out of agitating for their so-called "rights" to remain here and to destroy the U.S. culture and economy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pigeon Poop Pollution Problem Prevention

Pigeons have sometimes been called flying rats. Not a bad analogy. But they are worse than rats. Rats usually have the decency to avoid us. Not pigeons; they are all too often "in your face" -- literally.

Sitting alfresco on the 3rd Street Promenade the other day, I was again made aware of that. Fresh deposit of pigeon poop on the first table we considered. And the bus boy was on the job, not slacking; he spends half his time cleaning up poop and trying to shoo them away.

After being seated, we ourselves spent half our time shooing away these flying rats from near, beneath, and over our table, and then watching them, on-edge, as they flew around, wondering if/when we were going to get dive-bombed. We could not relax, and cut our session short.

Because of all the "animal lover" pussy-wuss liberal sniveling crybabies out there, these pigeons are completely fearless. They have learned that nothing will be done to them.

It's time to take back our Promenade and make it safe for alfresco drinking and dining. Get rid of the "f"ing pigeons.

I have a simple and fun solution which all those with some sense, unhindered by "political correctness", can participate in.

In the olden days, park maintenance workers used to pick up litter with a nail on a stick, then stuff it in a trash bag they carried.

Why not allow us in the public to use that same implement? Each restaurant could have a supply of these implements -- very inexpensive to make -- and issue one to every diner requesting one.

The diners could use them to impale flying vermin strutting on their tables or scuttling around under their feet. The diners would then signal the busboy who would take the entire assembly, stick, nail, and dead pigeon, and scrape the pigeon off into the nearest trash receptacle. Wipe off the pointy nail with a paper napkin, and the implement is then thus "reloaded", ready for the next extermination.

Simple, fast, clean, neat, inexpensive. Fun. And -- whoop-de-do -- environmentally friendly.

As an incentive for even more patron participation, the restaurants could issue a chit for each pigeon thus eliminated by patrons. Five kill chits could be worth a complementary beverage, for example.

The city could even get in the act. Fifty kills would be worth a "get out of a parking ticket free" card, for example

One last word, I am starting a new organization: FPETA. I think you can figure out what the "F" stands for.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Water Fluoridation? Follow the Money.

Anyone with any awareness greater than that of a slug knows that the fluoride compound added to public drinking water supplies is a toxic waste. They know that the fluoride added to toothpaste is more than sufficient to protect teeth.

But, the reason it should be added to public drinking water supplies, the proponents say, is "for the children (sob, sniffle, snuffle)". I have two things to say to that:

1) "F" the children.
2) They're already getting fluoride in their toothpaste. (In fact, there is a warning to parents on toothpaste packages NOT to let their spawn swallow the toothpaste because of the fluoride content.)

I, for one, nearly puke every time the old "for the children" bromide is trotted out for every "boo-hoo" cause and/or as justification for more government meddling.

No, THE REAL REASON for fluoridating the water supplies is MONEY.

The fluoride compound is a toxic waste compound resulting from various mining and manufacturing processes. To dispose of that waste properly -- safely -- to prevent even more environmental pollution -- COSTS the companies MONEY.

How sweet, for them, that they discovered (maybe financed??) some bogus medical reports touting the benefits of adding that toxic fluoride waste to the public drinking water supplies.

Their next step was to get various local officials onto their (secret) payrolls to get their "product" added to the water supplies. And to get the municipalities to actually PAY for it.

Voilá, a burdensome expense has now become a nice profit center.

Another source of income for the public officials green-lighting fluoridation of the public water supplies is that from the various companies manufacturing water treatment and adulteration equipment.

Assignment for some enterprising investigative reporters in MAJOR media:
FOLLOW THE MONEY. (Oh, I forgot, the major media are also on the take. Never mind.)

For more about the dangers of fluoridation, see the Fluoride Action Network.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Apologies for Youth Violence Has to Stop

Oscar de la Torre, Founder Pico Youth and Family Center, goes "boo-hoo" again (Santa Monica Daily Press, 2007 June 20, p.4):
Youth violence exists where hopelessness and despair run rampant. Youth who are struggling through poverty, single-parent families, addiction, family conflicts, early incarceration and low academic achievement are all high-risk candidates for destructive behavior. Yes, it all starts in the home, but we cannot ignore the fact that it ends in the streets.
Actually, it starts way before the home - it starts with religion and government.

Churches, especially the one for one of the major "at risk" ethnicity's, are opposed to family planning, birth control and, especially, abortion.

Governments subsidize uncontrolled breeding through tax deductions, welfare, medical care, "public schooling", etc.

Youth violence could be drastically reduced within a generation. There is a solution, but few even want that solution even mentioned, much less considered - being that it is so extremely politically incorrect. That solution is spaying and neutering, just like you do cats and dogs, which also hump with no thought of reproductive consequences.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Santa Monica Rent Control

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you think rent control is in need of an overhaul?"

No, no overhaul. Any changes involving means testing for the percent of time a renter occupies an apartment, age testing, spawn (dependent children quantity) testing, whatever, all of which will just result in more Santa Monica bureaucracy. And, as you know, that will mean more fees tacked onto what the renters already pay. None of which will go to owners. All of which will go to support the additional bureaucratic parasites in their sinecures.

Now, as to rent control itself, there would never have been a demand for it except for the fact that people - both natives and especially illegal aliens - breed like rats with no thought of consequences. Too many people, too few good areas to live in. (Few REALLY want to live in San Bernardino or Palmdale, do they?)

The breeders have caused the problem. As a non-breeder, my attitude is why should I suffer high rent because of all the stupid breeders? Eff 'em all.

Now, as to the owners:

First, the corporate owners -- eff them. 'Nuff said.

Now, as to the mom and pops, there are two types:

First are the ones who ave owned a property "forever". There are many of these that could have their properties free and clear (except for land rent paid to government as property taxes, and maintenance costs). Their rent receipts would be gravy, providing a great ROI. But no, they have looked upon their properties as piggy banks and have drawn down equity several times (cash out refis), rather than treating them as ongoing business income generators. So now they are paying out most of their rent as interest to the mortgage companies. Eff them, too.

Then there are the ones that bought in later, at too high prices, with maybe even negative cash flow, and are now complaining. Stupid. Eff them, too.

And it seems that most of them are (or have been) breeders, too. So double eff them.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Santa Monica "Planning" Doomed to Failure

Housing and other developmental planning is doomed to failure. The simple reason is population increase. Not addressing that is like ignoring a fart in an elevator.

The latest proposed boondoggle is the proposed "revitalized Civic Center" area. This is just like tearing down the engines of the Titanic to make more deck chairs. But, "We want to bring life to this area", according to some doofus Santa Monica housing bureaurat.

"The Village" in the Civic Center area is proposed to have 325 units of "affordable" housing. That means accommodations for how many? 600, 1000 people? (Or 2000? if you cater to illegals and their litters of spawn?) That will take hundreds of millions of dollars. And how long will that relieve any housing pressure? Seems to me it won't take very long to pump out yet more litters of budding crack hos, car-jackers, and gang-bangers. Where are you going to stack them?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Santa Monica Parking - There Will NEVER Be Enough

Those continually wanting enough will be perpetually frustrated.
Those trying to provide enough will continually fail.

Why? Population Increase. That is the fart in the elevator that everyone tries to ignore.

Too many spawn being pumped out here in the U.S. out of too many sperm receptacles.
Too many illegals swarming the borders like cockroaches.

There are only a limited number of desirable geographical areas worldwide to live in. Santa Monica is one of them in California. Most of those living in, for example, the "Inland Empire" or the San Fernando or Antelope Valleys would rather live elsewhere. And who in their right mind would move to Nevada if California had not become overcrowded, overtaxed, and over-regulated? The climate in those other places sucks.

As the population increases, there are going to be more cars. (Until the economy blows up, of course.) And as the old real estate saying goes, "They ain't making any more land". That means less area per capita for parking. That is something that using the middle-school mathematics that is so "uncool" to learn would tell you.

If you think you can solve the major problems of the ecology and the minor problems of parking without admitting that those problems are all due to overpopulation, and THEN DEALING WITH IT, you -- frankly -- have your head up your ass.

"Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control."

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

C.R.A.P. Says Santa Monica Palm Trees Useless

The Committee for the Removal of All Palms says that most Santa Monica palm trees are useless. They do not provided coconuts or dates. They drop stupid little berries that are useless and messy. Dropping palm fronds are a menace to pedestrians and automobiles. The palms provide no shade (other than perhaps a little patch two blocks away from the tree). They are expensive and dangerous to trim. When they fall, they will not just take out a car or one roof, but a whole row of cars or roofs.

C.R.A.P. backs the replacement of palms with just about anything else. And the sooner the better.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Low-Income Housing Santa Monica Architectural Masterpiece

Why is everyone ragging on the design of the facade of the hoodlum housing at 15th and Broadway in Santa Monica? The design is a stroke of genius. The multicolored crushed cans will make the graffiti spray-painted by resident and neighboring hoodlums much less evident

You can take the scum out of the slum, but you can't take the slum out of the scum.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Hoodlum Housing in Santa Monica

Low Income Housing for families or "single mothers", with their litters of future gang-bangers, car-jackers and crack hos, should more properly be called "hoodlum housing".

You can take the scum out of the slum, but you can't take the slum out of the scum.