Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Solutions for Illegal Immigration in Southern California

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What's your take on the illegal immigrant situation in Southern California? How should the government handle it?"

Which government? Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, the Feds, Mexico, NAFTA, the U.N.? The Galactic Empire?

Doesn't matter -- the illegal immigrant situation will NEVER be addressed. Here's why:

Right-wing big business wants millions more illegals to drive ALL wage levels down further. (But they never consider who is going to buy their crap -- you can't have a first world standard of living in a third world country such as the U.S. is rapidly becoming.)

Left-wing suicidal "cain't we all jes' git along" touchie-feelies think it's some sort of "human rights" issue.

And both the right-wing and left-wing leaders want millions of more voters even more ignorant and stupid than those we already have.

But, solutions, you want solutions. Here are just a few. Of course they will be ignored as politically incorrect.

Build/continue building that fence along the border.
Beef up the border control and immigration service.
Round up and ship back all the illegals already here; especially ship back immediately pregnant illegal women before they drop their spawn here to become citizens by birthright (anchor babies).
No more bringing in family members. If uniting families is the goal, unite them back in some other country.
Fine HEAVILY employers hiring illegals.
Stop printing up everything in ten different languages and catering to illegals.
Tell Vincente Fox to go "F" himself.
Tell the Catholic Church (and Protestant and Muslim wog fundamentalists) against
birth control and abortion to go "F" themselves.
Spay and neuter all applying for Aid to Dependent Children.

I told you -- politically incorrect. But if these things are not done, California and Santa Monica will become even more of a cesspool, approaching the likes of Mexico and Mexico City.