Saturday, March 24, 2007

Santa Monica Parking - There Will NEVER Be Enough

Those continually wanting enough will be perpetually frustrated.
Those trying to provide enough will continually fail.

Why? Population Increase. That is the fart in the elevator that everyone tries to ignore.

Too many spawn being pumped out here in the U.S. out of too many sperm receptacles.
Too many illegals swarming the borders like cockroaches.

There are only a limited number of desirable geographical areas worldwide to live in. Santa Monica is one of them in California. Most of those living in, for example, the "Inland Empire" or the San Fernando or Antelope Valleys would rather live elsewhere. And who in their right mind would move to Nevada if California had not become overcrowded, overtaxed, and over-regulated? The climate in those other places sucks.

As the population increases, there are going to be more cars. (Until the economy blows up, of course.) And as the old real estate saying goes, "They ain't making any more land". That means less area per capita for parking. That is something that using the middle-school mathematics that is so "uncool" to learn would tell you.

If you think you can solve the major problems of the ecology and the minor problems of parking without admitting that those problems are all due to overpopulation, and THEN DEALING WITH IT, you -- frankly -- have your head up your ass.

"Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control."