Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Given the state and direction of Santa Monica today, what would be a fitting nickname for the city...?"

I suggest: "The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica".

Santa Monica is somewhat well-known, as "The People's Republic of Santa Monica". So why the word "fascist" in my proposed slogan instead of "socialist"?

Fascism means government control of supposedly privately owned property and government control of commerce and social intercourse. By this historically accurate and proper definition, Santa Monica, California, and the U.S. Federal government are all fascist states.
FYI, for idiots and public schoolers, fascism does not necessarily mean killing Jews. Italy was also acknowledged to be a fascist state before and during Word War 2. Nazism was simply fascism plus racism.
Anyway, if you have any doubts that Santa Monica, California, and the U.S. are fascist states, just look at the subjects of most newspaper articles and editorials: Control this... Control that... Tax this... Tax that... Compel this... Compel that... Forbid this... Forbid that...

Santa Monica is NOT a "people's republic". It's not the people's. That implies communism (or in more politically correct terms, socialism) where there is no private ownership of production and land. Santa Monica is not socialist; it is fascist.

Hence, "The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica".

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Discovered - Why No Effective Barriers at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Effective barriers, such as retractable bollards as at the entrances to the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, would prevent accidents such as caused by George Weller at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, as well as deliberate mayhem.

Weller's out-of-control automobile careening through the outdoor market killed and maimed many.

So why were there no effective protective barriers?

Simple economics. The City of Santa Monica couldn't afford them. The money necessary was needed elsewhere, for more important projects, such as installing public access wi-fi for aspiring screenwriters and wannabe actresses.

Friday, November 3, 2006

George Weller Santa Monica Farmer's Market Mayhem - Whose Fault?

Yeah, Weller did it. But intentionally or in panic? Who knows?

If you are honest, most of you will admit to temporary accelerator/brake confusion at least once in your life. I've done it, at maybe half Weller's age. But I, like obviously most, recovered quickly with no harm done.

Whatever the reason for Weller careening through the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, it is clear that specific officers of the City of Santa Monica and/or the promoters/officers of whatever commission or organization that set up that politically correct disruption of traffic venue, practiced deliberate neglect of public safety.

Haven't they ever heard of 9/11? I thought our fearless leaders were supposed to take that seriously. The Farmer's Market is a perfect terrorist target. It just happened that a demented or dazed and confused old fart got to it first.

The City of Santa Monica takes in at least hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, likely millions, in traffic and parking fines. Where is that money going, that they couldn't install some retractable bollards such as are installed at the street entrances to the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade?