Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bus Lanes - More Jerking Around by Our Rulers

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you support the creation of the new bus lane as an attempt to ease traffic congestion despite the loss of some street parking for local businesses? Why or why not?"

No - that is just another example of "nickel and dime-ing" social engineering by our rulers -- power-hungry politicians and bureaurats -- jerking us around. It does NOTHING to solve the root cause of the problem, which is increasing OVERPOPULATION.

If our rulers REALLY wanted to do something about traffic congestion, affordable housing shortages, pollution, etc., they would ...

Firstly, they could ship all the illegals back to south of the border.

Secondly, they could do some MEANINGFUL social engineering like CEASING subsidizing litters of spawn by so-called human breeders that have no more foresight than cats, rats, and dogs. These human Xerox machines expect others to pick up the cost of feeding, "educating", and jailing their future crack-hos, punks and gang-bangers. Eliminating such subsidies would include abolishing aid to dependent children (ADC) and public schooling.

Thirdly, the overbreeders on the public dole should be spayed and neutered. I use the terms used for animal sterilization because they have no more actual intelligence than cats, rats, and dogs.

Aren't you tired yet of getting jerked around?