Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Happy Generic Holidays

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Should businesses and communities try to encompass all religious beliefs by using general slogans like "Happy Holidays" or is it fine to appeal to the majority with tidings of "Merry Christmas"?

Well, as an atheist, I have no problem with the Christmas season and Christmas greetings as long as they CONTINUE to have nothing to do with Christianity. After all, it was the pagan winter solstice celebrations -- getting drunk and exchanging gifts -- that long predated Christianity's usurping of the holidays.

BTW, "holiday" means "holy day", so a better greeting would be "happy celebrations" or "happy solstice".

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Given the state and direction of Santa Monica today, what would be a fitting nickname for the city...?"

I suggest: "The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica".

Santa Monica is somewhat well-known, as "The People's Republic of Santa Monica". So why the word "fascist" in my proposed slogan instead of "socialist"?

Fascism means government control of supposedly privately owned property and government control of commerce and social intercourse. By this historically accurate and proper definition, Santa Monica, California, and the U.S. Federal government are all fascist states.
FYI, for idiots and public schoolers, fascism does not necessarily mean killing Jews. Italy was also acknowledged to be a fascist state before and during Word War 2. Nazism was simply fascism plus racism.
Anyway, if you have any doubts that Santa Monica, California, and the U.S. are fascist states, just look at the subjects of most newspaper articles and editorials: Control this... Control that... Tax this... Tax that... Compel this... Compel that... Forbid this... Forbid that...

Santa Monica is NOT a "people's republic". It's not the people's. That implies communism (or in more politically correct terms, socialism) where there is no private ownership of production and land. Santa Monica is not socialist; it is fascist.

Hence, "The Fascist Mini-State of Santa Monica".

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Discovered - Why No Effective Barriers at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Effective barriers, such as retractable bollards as at the entrances to the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, would prevent accidents such as caused by George Weller at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, as well as deliberate mayhem.

Weller's out-of-control automobile careening through the outdoor market killed and maimed many.

So why were there no effective protective barriers?

Simple economics. The City of Santa Monica couldn't afford them. The money necessary was needed elsewhere, for more important projects, such as installing public access wi-fi for aspiring screenwriters and wannabe actresses.

Friday, November 3, 2006

George Weller Santa Monica Farmer's Market Mayhem - Whose Fault?

Yeah, Weller did it. But intentionally or in panic? Who knows?

If you are honest, most of you will admit to temporary accelerator/brake confusion at least once in your life. I've done it, at maybe half Weller's age. But I, like obviously most, recovered quickly with no harm done.

Whatever the reason for Weller careening through the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, it is clear that specific officers of the City of Santa Monica and/or the promoters/officers of whatever commission or organization that set up that politically correct disruption of traffic venue, practiced deliberate neglect of public safety.

Haven't they ever heard of 9/11? I thought our fearless leaders were supposed to take that seriously. The Farmer's Market is a perfect terrorist target. It just happened that a demented or dazed and confused old fart got to it first.

The City of Santa Monica takes in at least hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, likely millions, in traffic and parking fines. Where is that money going, that they couldn't install some retractable bollards such as are installed at the street entrances to the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why So Many Kids are Fat Tubs of Lard

I passed by a Santa Monica so-called "Middle School" the other afternoon at about 3:00 pm.

There must have been fifty or more soccer moms in their SUVs parked and double-parked in front and on side streets waiting to pick up their wusses-in-training (male kids) and wannabe Cinderellas (females).

I guess their poor wittle leggies would get so vewy-vewy tired if they had to walk or bicycle a dozen blocks or so. Or is it that they are so retarded that they can't figure out how to catch one of the many buses that pass by a block or so away?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thomas Jefferson National Holiday

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Who really deserves a holiday named in their honor? Should schools and offices be closed for all these honorary days, or has the calendar become clouded [sic]? Is there a current holiday that should be eliminated?"

Thomas Jefferson, a real statesman and friend of freedom, deserves a day. His day should replace Lincoln's. Honoring the lawyer-politician Lincoln should be eliminated, as he was a traitor to the Constitution. By bringing on the War Between the States (aka the Civil War or the War of Northern Aggression), Lincoln, by force of war, made the Federal Government superior over the states that had established it to serve them.

Lincoln's usurpation has led to our modern welfare warfare mega-state. Jefferson, on the other hand, warned of super-states and central banking (e.g., the Federal Reserve).

Lincoln has been proven very wrong; Jefferson has been proven right.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Santa Monica Wi-Fi Hotspots -- Electronic Smog

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Should Santa Monica render the entire city a [high-speed wireless network] "hotspot", with Internet access for all? How should the costs be offset?"

No, we do not need more brain-addling electronic smog. There is already too much. Our evolutionary heritage does not include dealing with that.

How much of a fix do you cell-phone laptop wannabee screen-writer zombies with electronics grafted to your ear canals at Coffee-Clone need? Wake up and SMELL your latte.

Users should pay ALL costs. Period. No subsidies or picking the pockets of non-users via taxation. Period.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Santa Monica Police Chief - Lotsa Luck

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What qualities should the next police chief possess? What does he or she need to do to make Santa Monica safer and more livable?

We do NOT need a "healer" or a "conciliator". We need someone to kick butt and take names.

I'm not talking about hedge height "violators", the little old ladies putting up dog poop dispensers on trees, and the harmless homeless, etc.

What I'm saying is that he should instruct his force to start beating the crap out of gang-bangers, vandals, graffitists, criminally violent homeless, and illegal aliens.

Then, when the mothers and relatives start "boo-hooing" about the police beating on their hoodlum spawn from hell, the chief should just tell them to shut the 'f up.

Oh, wait, I must be dreaming; I'm talking about Santa Monica, a dysfunctional mix of corporate fascism and liberal pussification.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Santa Monica Proposed Outdoor Smoking Ban

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you agree with the anti-smoking measures? Does the ban represent the wants and will of Santa Monica voters?

I am NOT a smoker. While I am glad to see that smoking has been banned inside restaurants, bars, clubs, maybe even shops, etc., banning it outdoors is way over the top.

The only real problem with smoking outdoors is the trash generated by smokers just tossing their cigarette butts. That problem could be solved simply by banning the sale of filter-tip cigarettes. Cigarette butt paper and tobacco remnants biodegrade rapidly, but the cigarette filters last forever, creating unsightly junk as well as eventually polluting the ocean and damaging sea life, disrupting the food chain.

Instead of banning outdoor smoking, ban filter-tip cigarettes. And "police your butts".

Do voters agree with a total ban? Undoubtedly many do, given the makeup of the commie-fascist mini-state of Santa Monica.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Day Without a Mexican

Last summer there was shown a semi-serious, semi-comedic movie called "A Day without a Mexican". The thesis was that, "What if all the Mexicans upon whom we are all so highly (supposedly) dependent were to disappear for a day?" Chaos would supposedly ensue. Who would bus the dishes, who would blow dirt from one area to another with leaf-blowers, who would do all the shoddy carpet and dry-wall installations, etc?

One of the biggest "oh my god" areas is that agriculture would come to a screeching halt. "We're all going to starve to death!!" Jeez, how did we manage before all the Mexicans?

Well, I submit that if you took half the population of any city, state, whatever, away for a day, chaos would ensue, regardless of the ethnicity or job description mix of the "taken". A moot point.

BTW, I have traveled through the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. Amazingly, in many areas, Caucasian and Indian (aka "Native Americans" to the pussy-wuss politically correct contingent) teenagers and adults seemed to have no trouble handling the workload at restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and building sites. Yes, in the agricultural towns, it's all Mexican. But that is because you have to prove that you are illegal and that you speak no English in order to get those jobs.

Jim Thompson, of Los Angeles, had a great letter published in the "Los Angeles City Beat" newspaper on 2004 September 2 detailing the absurdity that illegal aliens are absolutely necessary for our agricultural economy.


... Let us assue that the 12 million illegal illegal aliens (mostly Mexicans) moved back to Mexico, where they plan to wait for Americans to beg them to come back and "save" the U.S. economy. I would predict that, after one year, taxpayers would save enormous sums of money because:

1) Public school class sizes will drop, causing less schools to be built.
2) Many social services offices will close.
3) Almost all graffiti will cease.
4) Violent crime rates will drop to record lows.
5) Drive-by shootings will decrease.
6) Gang problems will lessen.
7) The number of pedestrians hit by cars will fall.
8) The number of drunk-driving-related car accidents will fall.
9) Freeway accidents will come to an all-time low.
10) Police departments will lay off officers.
11) Many jails will close.
12) Government costs will drop when all printed material will be in English only.

More good predictions:

13) Average student scores at public and private schools all across America will rise.
14) Automobile traffic will drop to comfortable levels.
15) Less air pollution as old cars driven by illegal aliens will no longer be on the road.
16) A virtual full employment at good wages as businesses compete for workers.
17) Citizen kids will now get jobs at fast-food restaurants.
18) We will be able to understand the people at the drive-through windows at fast-food restaurants and we will get what we ordered.
19) Hospital emergency rooms will be much less crowded and will help save more lives.
20) Many state budgets will be easier to balance.
21) Insurance costs will go down.
22) Many neighborhoods will be less crowded.
23) No more loitering day workers in the cities.
24) Most boom-box manufacturers will go out of business.
25) Third World diseases like TB will be gone.
26) Many tattoo shops frequented by gangs will close.
27) Those hideous, illegal cock- and dog-fights will be gone.
28) Obesity levels will drop as citizens mow their lawns, paint their houses, and wash their cars...

I wonder how long it will be when Americans will want to call them back? I hope they don't hold their breath!

[end quote]

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Santa Monica Schools "Racial Tensions"

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"How should school officials deal with racial tensions at Santa Monica schools?"

School officials have to realize that they are dealing essentially with primitive, ignorant, savage tribes. There is nothing that can be done, short of completely subjugating them and wiping out their leaders. Only then is there any possibility of civilizing and educating the remainder.

BTW, that applies as well to the Middle East.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

A Cleaner Bay - Who Should Pay?

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What are you willing to pay for a cleaner coast?"

I am willing to pay absolutely nothing to clean up Santa Monica Bay. Those responsible should pay for cleaning up the beaches and coastal waters. And, no, that is not Hummer owners, meat eaters, and other common targets that it is politically correct to take potshots at.

Now, you realize that the reason the coast needs cleaning is that there is a lot of crap going into the ocean. Each person contributes to that. More people, more crap. LESS PEOPLE, LESS CRAP. A simple observation, but obviously beyond the ken of most people.

Those responsible, then, include all those responsible for out-of-control population growth. More people, more crap. They include:

1) Those responsible are religious leaders and their sheep who are against birth control and abortion.

2) Those responsible are politicians and their sheep who want more and more stupid voters, both those born here and those swarming from over our southern border.

3) Those responsible are businesses, business boosters, and their lackeys who promote growth at all costs and who also want a cheap, vast supply of labor, both those born here and those swarming from over our southerm border.

Let the "growth is good" boosters pay for cleanup.

Whatever your cause, it is a lost cause without population control.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Solutions for Illegal Immigration in Southern California

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What's your take on the illegal immigrant situation in Southern California? How should the government handle it?"

Which government? Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, the Feds, Mexico, NAFTA, the U.N.? The Galactic Empire?

Doesn't matter -- the illegal immigrant situation will NEVER be addressed. Here's why:

Right-wing big business wants millions more illegals to drive ALL wage levels down further. (But they never consider who is going to buy their crap -- you can't have a first world standard of living in a third world country such as the U.S. is rapidly becoming.)

Left-wing suicidal "cain't we all jes' git along" touchie-feelies think it's some sort of "human rights" issue.

And both the right-wing and left-wing leaders want millions of more voters even more ignorant and stupid than those we already have.

But, solutions, you want solutions. Here are just a few. Of course they will be ignored as politically incorrect.

Build/continue building that fence along the border.
Beef up the border control and immigration service.
Round up and ship back all the illegals already here; especially ship back immediately pregnant illegal women before they drop their spawn here to become citizens by birthright (anchor babies).
No more bringing in family members. If uniting families is the goal, unite them back in some other country.
Fine HEAVILY employers hiring illegals.
Stop printing up everything in ten different languages and catering to illegals.
Tell Vincente Fox to go "F" himself.
Tell the Catholic Church (and Protestant and Muslim wog fundamentalists) against
birth control and abortion to go "F" themselves.
Spay and neuter all applying for Aid to Dependent Children.

I told you -- politically incorrect. But if these things are not done, California and Santa Monica will become even more of a cesspool, approaching the likes of Mexico and Mexico City.