Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Apologies for Youth Violence Has to Stop

Oscar de la Torre, Founder Pico Youth and Family Center, goes "boo-hoo" again (Santa Monica Daily Press, 2007 June 20, p.4):
Youth violence exists where hopelessness and despair run rampant. Youth who are struggling through poverty, single-parent families, addiction, family conflicts, early incarceration and low academic achievement are all high-risk candidates for destructive behavior. Yes, it all starts in the home, but we cannot ignore the fact that it ends in the streets.
Actually, it starts way before the home - it starts with religion and government.

Churches, especially the one for one of the major "at risk" ethnicity's, are opposed to family planning, birth control and, especially, abortion.

Governments subsidize uncontrolled breeding through tax deductions, welfare, medical care, "public schooling", etc.

Youth violence could be drastically reduced within a generation. There is a solution, but few even want that solution even mentioned, much less considered - being that it is so extremely politically incorrect. That solution is spaying and neutering, just like you do cats and dogs, which also hump with no thought of reproductive consequences.