Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Santa Monica Police Chief - Lotsa Luck

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What qualities should the next police chief possess? What does he or she need to do to make Santa Monica safer and more livable?

We do NOT need a "healer" or a "conciliator". We need someone to kick butt and take names.

I'm not talking about hedge height "violators", the little old ladies putting up dog poop dispensers on trees, and the harmless homeless, etc.

What I'm saying is that he should instruct his force to start beating the crap out of gang-bangers, vandals, graffitists, criminally violent homeless, and illegal aliens.

Then, when the mothers and relatives start "boo-hooing" about the police beating on their hoodlum spawn from hell, the chief should just tell them to shut the 'f up.

Oh, wait, I must be dreaming; I'm talking about Santa Monica, a dysfunctional mix of corporate fascism and liberal pussification.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Santa Monica Proposed Outdoor Smoking Ban

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you agree with the anti-smoking measures? Does the ban represent the wants and will of Santa Monica voters?

I am NOT a smoker. While I am glad to see that smoking has been banned inside restaurants, bars, clubs, maybe even shops, etc., banning it outdoors is way over the top.

The only real problem with smoking outdoors is the trash generated by smokers just tossing their cigarette butts. That problem could be solved simply by banning the sale of filter-tip cigarettes. Cigarette butt paper and tobacco remnants biodegrade rapidly, but the cigarette filters last forever, creating unsightly junk as well as eventually polluting the ocean and damaging sea life, disrupting the food chain.

Instead of banning outdoor smoking, ban filter-tip cigarettes. And "police your butts".

Do voters agree with a total ban? Undoubtedly many do, given the makeup of the commie-fascist mini-state of Santa Monica.