Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Santa Monica City Parasite Employees?

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you support requiring businesses to pay more to provide additional services downtown? Why or why not?"

The City Council captive "Promenade Corp" wants more money to increase "services" such as hiring ambassadors to assist visitors and "monitor for illegal activity" in and about the Third Street Promenade, and so wants to have fees on businesses increased by City Hall.

Require businesses to pay more? Sure, why not? Go for it! After all, businesses are a limitless supply of funds, aren't they? So why not soak (excuse me, extort; no, excuse me again, tax) them to support even more parasitical, dead weight, bureaucratic scum employees?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Safe in Santa Monica?

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"Do you feel safe here in Santa Monica?"
"Where would you not go because you feel unsafe?"

Generally; it depends on which areas. I feel comfortable in the areas where I usually go. I do NOT feel safe in areas where there is a preponderance of blacks and Mexicans. (Excuuuuse me for political incorrectness.) These are the areas around Santa Monica college and east, and the general area between Santa Monica Blvd and Ocean Park Blvd, for example, that I avoid when possible.

Now, I would feel somewhat safer in even those areas were I allowed to exercise my Second Amendment right to bear arms. But a coalition of liberal wusses and power hungry politicians preclude me and others from attempting to protect ourselves. Because our rulers, with the support of crybabies, make self-protection illegal, I have more to fear from cops than I do from even the civilian scum in those areas.