Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mexican Bazaar to Replace Robinsons-May?

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks:
"What would you like to see move into the large hole that will be left when Robinsons-May closes up shop?"

Because two first-class department stores can no longer be supported due to the increasing "Mexicanization" off the U.S. economy, it is only fitting that the vacant space be turned into an illegal alien -- i.e., Mexican -- mercado.

I envision multitudes of small "mystery meat" taco stands, shoddy furniture stalls, junk jewelry and crafts tables, fake I.D. and driver's license vendors, etc.

And the City of Santa Monica could set up counseling booths to assist illegals to get onto welfare, to get Aid to Dependent Children, Medicaid/MediCal/whatever, and to get disability benefits, food stamps, etc.

Do I have vision, or what?

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Homeless Solution to Cigarette Butt Litter

Cigarette butts everywhere. The problem is, that while the cigarette paper and tobacco are bio-degradable, the filters aren't. So, there are at least two possible solutions: 1) Ban the sale of filter-tip cigarettes. 2) Put a "butt deposit" fee of, say, 5c per cigarette ($1 per pack), as there is on (some) bottles and cans.

A "butt deposit" would give the homeless and trash pickers an incentive -- a little extra income -- to pick up and redeem cigarette butts.

Monday, August 1, 2005

A Plague of Squirrels

The Santa Monica Daily Press asks: "Do you feel the city was correct in setting out poison traps to reduce the number of local squirrels in the name of public health? Why or why not?"

Yes. I am a member of PETA. That's "People Eating Tasty Animals".

What next, save the cockroaches?
Squirrels are cute in limited numbers, like babies, but too many of both is a plague.
Both need their populations culled.