Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Santa Monica Idiots -- Ron Lowe

Lowe was sniveling about "Republican anti-tax ignorance ... winning out over common sense in California's ongoing budget crisis".

He wants to raise vehicle license fees. He wants to raise property taxes on commercial property. He wants to increase corporate income taxes. He wants an oil production tax. And, while we're at it, he wants increased "sin taxes" on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Lowe wants all that so there won't be a necessity for "spending cuts for the most vulnerable and essential services."
BTW, what Lowe is promoting are the current dem-lib talking points I have seen elsewhere. So he is not only an idiot, he is just a parrot.
Anyway, he takes several opportunities to bash Republicans for their anti-tax stance. I wish the Republicans REALLY had an anti-tax stance. Republicans, especially in California, are really just "Democrat Lite".

Lowe, like all whiny liberals, is obviously a tax-consumer, not a net tax-payer. He is so ignorant of fiscal reality, it is pathetic. (But understandable, as he is likely a product of public education.)

California is already one of the most highly taxed states in Amerika. Remember the fairy tale about the folly of killing the "golden goose"? Liberals, like Lowe, are killing the Golden State.

Welfare, pork projects, bureaucracy, illegal aliens ... are turning California into a third-world country.

So -- all you Ron Lowes out there -- take note that you don't get first-world amenities in a third-world country.

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